Note Counter, Sorter, TITO, 2+1 Pockets

Note Counter, Sorter, TITO, 2+1 Pockets Details:

1- Product structure
-Structure form Vertical type
-Bill entry 1 piece
-Bill mouth Three bill mouths (2 exits + 1 rejection outlet)
-Display English interface display
2- Bill capacity
-Capacity of bill entry 500 pieces
-Capacity of bill exit 200 pieces
-Capacity of bill ejection
-outlet 100 pieces
-Sorting speed 750 pieces/minute
-Face/Orientation sorting Sort the bill according to the obverse/reverse
-face/orientation of bill.
-Denomination sorting Support to sort bill with different denominations.
-Damage sorting Sort the bill according to the dirty, adhesive tape, dog-ear
or breakage level, old and new level.
-Detection item
-Dirty, hole, dog-ear, adhesive tape, crack, dimension,
-shortage, multiple, overlapping, thickness, and supports
-multi-level settings to meet the requirements of different
-regions and banks.
4- Counting
- Counting speed 900 pieces /minute
-6 Serial number
-Number identification
-Double-face counterfeit identification, double-face
-sorting, double-face number identification, bill serial
-number storage, face distinction is not needed for one
-time sorting, identify the counterfeit and sort the bill while
-identifying the serial number
-Call inquiry
Can query according to the serial number, time, operator
number and batch number, and analyze the counting
statistic data.


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