About Us

About Cash COM

Cash COM is proudly an Australian owned and operated company.

We are a leading supplier of cash and coin handling solutions, offering superior price to performance ratio's on all note sorters/counters, coin sorters/counters, banknote & coin scales, coin dispensers, value balance counters and note breakers.

Since entering the market in 2015 our dedication to service, product reliability and a high level of customer support has led to Cash COM being the preferred choice for most Clubs, Banks, CIT's, and retail environments all over the world.

Speak with us to discuss options for improving your business operations.

Cash COM is the obvious choice for companies seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions to suit their cash handling needs.

ABN: 35645878646
  • +61 451 353 676
  • sales@cashcom.com.au
  • info@cashcom.com.au
  • www.cashcom.com.au